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Key messages for parents:

Advice for parents on what to do if a child has a fever, including with a COVID-19 infection

(24 Jan 2022)

A fever is very common in children and can also be a symptom of many illnesses. It is therefore timely to reassure and support parents in making informed decisions on what to do if their child has a high temperature, including with a COVID-19 infection.

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Care at the Chemist

Did you know that you can get free, fast and expert health advice at pharmacies in Sefton?

(05 Jan 2022)

Our Care at the Chemist scheme is the quickest and easiest way to get advice and treatment from a health professional for a wide range of everyday illnesses and ailments – without even setting foot in your doctor’s surgery.

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The Alzheimer's Sociery, Liverpool, Sefton & Wirral

Dementia Support Services for people living in Sefton

(05 Jan 2022)

Living with dementia at any time brings challenges, but you're not alone. If you need support and advice, we are here for you.

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A free online mental health and wellbeing support service for children and young people

Online counselling and emotional wellbeing platform for children and young people

(23 Dec 2021)

A new online service that provides free and anonymous mental health and wellbeing support to young people in Sefton is now available.

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