Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Surgery has remained open and provided additional capacity to our Patients through new digital consulting solutions.

We also opened over the Bank Holiday Weekends.

We are now starting to reflect on the past 8 months and wanted to share some information with our Patients. Data has been gathered between March 1st to October 16th 2020 for 4038 Patients registered with Roe Lane Surgery.

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Patient Participation Group

We currently have an active Patient Participation Group here at Roe Lane Surgery.

The aim of our PPG is to:

  • Improve quality of care and patient satisfaction
  • Encourage patients to be proactive and give feedback regarding the service we provide
  • Improve relationships; keep patients up to date with the latest news and changes to the Surgery.

Roe Lane PPG is a group of active volunteer patients that work in partnership with practice staff and GPs. This unique partnership between patients and the practice is essential to achieving high quality and responsive care.

The group meets face-to-face with practice staff at mutually agreed intervals throughout the year. Currently our PPG is in need of more members and we are interested in gaining patient perspective's, new ideas and ways to interact with our Patients creatively too.

Roe Lane Surgery is ever evolving and since March 2018, we have registered over 800 new patients. In order to provide the best possible care to new and existing patients, we welcome any advice or feedback that our PPG members and patients give to us.

If you are interested in joining the Patient Participation Group, please fill out the questionnaire linked below and return it to Reception for the attention of Claire Pearce - Practice Manager. All applications/enquiries will be acknowledged.


Application Form to Join the PPG


To view the latest minutes from our Patient Participation Group meeting in July, please click here.