Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Surgery has remained open and provided additional capacity to our Patients through new digital consulting solutions.

We also opened over the Bank Holiday Weekends.

We are now starting to reflect on the past 8 months and wanted to share some information with our Patients. Data has been gathered between March 1st to October 16th 2020 for 4038 Patients registered with Roe Lane Surgery.

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Travel Immunisations

We do offer a travel immunisations service here at Roe Lane Surgery with our Practice Nurses, Lorraine and Sam.

If you are going abroad and you think you may need some immunisations beforehand, you will need to complete a travel immunisation form with as much information as you can about your trip and any vaccinations you have had to date. Please complete and return the form to Reception NO LATER THAN 8 WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR TRAVEL DATE.

Alternatively, you can download a copy of the travel immunisation form to complete by clicking on the link below.

Roe Lane Surgery Travel Immunisation Form

Once completed and handed in at Reception, Lorraine will look this along with your records in order to decide whether or not any immunisations are required. Please note, Lorraine prioritises the forms based on departure date.

We will contact you to discuss any immunisation requirements and to arrange an appointment with the Lorraine or Sam, for any vaccinations you may need.

Please note - not all vaccinations, such as Yellow Fever and Malaria, are available on the NHS.

If you require a vaccination which is not available on the NHS, you will need to contact one of the following -

Ormskirk Travel Clinic

18 Derby Road, Ormskirk

0844 579 1414

Opening times: 9am - 1pm

(Appointments can be made Mon - Fri between 9am - 5pm and Sunday 9am - 1pm)

Well Travelled Clinics (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)

The travel clinic offers a pre-recorded country specific travel advice line which costs 50p per minute

0906 701 0095

Country specific travel health advice is now available to the general public at www.nathnac.org.uk