Controlled Drugs

Patients who are prescribed CONTROLLED DRUGS (CD’s)

**If you have a nominated Pharmacy, you will be pleased to know that your controlled medication can now be sent electronically too, there is no need to come to the Surgery to sign and collect the prescription**

  • Prescriptions will be sent securely and electronically, and so can’t be lost or misplaced.
  • This is to make it easier for all of your prescriptions to be sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy
  • Being able to see everything that has been prescribed helps pharmacists make the right decisions to safely and effectively dispense the right drugs for patients
  • Patients who had chosen not to use EPS because they still had paper prescriptions for controlled drugs can now benefit
  • Patient safety is increased as errors are less likely

If you have any questions in relation to your Prescription, if you wish to use Electronic Prescribing or for any other queries, please contact the Surgery.