Kooth.com offers young people an opportunity to access help and support through our online chat room, where young people can drop in and/or book one to one chat sessions with a member of the Kooth team.

Kooth counsellors have been specially trained over many years and follow the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Framework.

Kooth also have support workers who have specialist knowledge about certain things, like drugs, alcohol or sexual health – support workers are not counsellors but they can help by giving young people information about things they may feel uncomfortable talking to other people about.

What are Kooth's aims?

  • to encourage young people to talk about their problems and difficulties with someone who can help

  • to help young people to solve their problems before they might become serious

  • to reach out to young people who may be struggling alone

  • to encourage young people to discuss problems at home, school, work or with their peers through the safety of the online forums

  • to encourage young people to talk about problems they may not wish to discuss face to face

  • to provide peace of mind that whatever time of day - they can access a service and receive a response within 24 hours

How do you use Kooth?

You can access the service through the website at www.kooth.com . From there, you can drop into the chat room and talk to a counsellor or support worker.

You can also book an appointment or request a live chat session by sending the Kooth team a message.

Young people can write an article for the magazine, use the message board, or chat  with other young people in the group forums.