After the 30th of September 2021, should a patient wish to record their preference for blood donation or state their organ donation preferences you can now visit the following websites or contact the below number:

Organ Donation:

Blood Donation:

Blood or Organ Donation by phone: 0300 123 23 23

The NHS Organ Donor Register is a secure database that keeps a record of your organ donation decision.

Below are all the choices you have available to you.

Before you start

  1. Whatever you decide, please talk to your family. This will give them the certainty they need to support your decision at a difficult time.
  2. Organ donation in some parts of the UK has changed. See how the changes affect you
  3. To donate only some organs, register a decision and record your preferences.
  4. Withdrawing your name from the NHS Organ Donor Register is not the same as recording a decision not to donate. Read about what withdrawal means